Wednesday, February 01, 2012

7 Months Pregnant!

Thought I'd better post another picture of my growing tummy. :) I'm (almost) 7 months pregnant...31 weeks! So that means only 9 more weeks to go...or less if our last 2 babies are any indication. This is about when I go full gear into getting stuff ready to go!

Today I had a midwife appointment (btw...I LOVE having a midwife! It's incredibly different than a Dr...and so so so much better!!) It went well...all is looking 'perfect', baby is head down and my clothing is getting smaller by the week! haha. I officially do not fit into some of maternity shirts anymore - that is a first for me! :) I may just have to borrow a couple of Jonathan's shirts yet for around the house at least if the growth continues!

The kids are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new sibling...and pray for him/her every day! It's very cute. :) Today Tate announced that he wanted to know "how the baby was going to come out" during my appointment. Yep, that question is bound to come, isn't it?! Next did it get in there? A few other questions they love to ask are if the baby can talk inside me...or cry? Or what is it eating? and Does it go to the bathroom in my tummy? haha ~ yes, the questions can get rather interesting at times! :)

Anyways, there's a little update for you all!


Trev and Rebekah said...

Yes I'd love to know what you are using for homeschooling resources.

Kalle said...

You look great.

Searching For Simplicity said...

I just found your blog and am your newest follower. You look great. I always love the questions mine come up with when I'm pregnant. So cute!

Pia said...

wow! congratulations!!! how time flies.

Pia said...

omg! that's baby #4! i didn't know you had baby #3 already. last i was here there were tate and emily. now, you have jenna and another one on the way. congratulations!!!

Johnpaul said...

7 months pregnant Congrats Andrea! getting pregnant is a very good news for womens, Take care about your child.

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