Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Shoes

It's funny both of our girls looooooove their shoes. I am not a shoe-lover at heart - give me a pair of shoes, a pair of sandals, maybe some crocs & winter boots and I'm good to go! But our girls...LOVE LOVE LOVE their shoes! In fact...little Jenna spent all morning (and I mean ALL morning) trying on various pairs of shoes, boots, etc. (most of them more than once) from the closet. (Of course...wearing a hat makes things more fun too!)

Otherwise...I'm nearing 40 weeks, and will be exactly 40 weeks pregnant on Good Friday. Never thought I'd make it this far...but I have, and am still feeling as good as you can feel at 9 months pregnant! That said...I'm ready to meet this as Tate tells me every day "maybe, tonight mom...maybe it'll come tonight!"


Frugal Tumbleweed Acres said...

I'm with the girls, I love shoes also. LOL
Can't wait to meet the new little one.

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